Everett Case

Inducted: 1964
  • Born Anderson, IN, 1900
  • Indiana high school coaching legend
  • First high school coach to win four Indiana state titles at the same school
  • Coached 467 high school victories
  • Basketball coach at NC State from 1946–1964 with a record of 377-134
  • Captured nine titles in the first 10 years: 1947–1952 SC titles and 1954–1956 ACC titles
  • Won additional ACC title in 1959
  • Forced rivals to upgrade recruiting, strategy, and facilities to catch up
  • Fast-paced, up-tempo style won games and entranced fans
  • This gifted showman promoted basketball constantly, establishing the Dixie Classic, a popular holiday tournament in Raleigh from 1949-1960
  • Led State to five appearances in NCAA Tournament, finishing third in 1950
  • Retired after two games of 1964–1965 season because of ill health
  • Member of College Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Died in 1966